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Belt Efficiency Calculator
State / Province
Rate (per kWh)  
Days Per Week
Hours Used in a Day
Annual Savings

Insight as to the efficiency of various Belts selected for use in typical applications:

  • Efficiency
  • Rating
  • Life
  • Durability
  • Reliability

Note: Calculations are an estimate based on above assumptions and are not intended to be interpreted as an exact or firm figure.

- Assume appropriate tension of drive.
- Assume sheave wear does not exceed 1/32".
- Based on 3% efficiency improvement utilizing notched belts vs. wrapped style belts.
- Based on average motor usage of 0.6015KW per hp/per hr @ an average load of 75%.
- Default kWh charges based on average per state as published by Energy Information Administration. (actual charges by specific location, agreement, or due to peak usage may vary). Manual entry of kWh charges overrides default.

Additional Sources And Related Links:
- The Energy Information Administration Form EIA-861 "Annual Electric Power Industry Report"
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